Training Courses

HR TOP Training Courses

HR TOP offers short training courses for both HR and non-HR professionals who are looking to develop practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies in human resources.

HR TOP training courses can be delivered via accelerated workshops in-house training, or via public courses.

The following are the current training courses available:

  • Human Resource  Management
  • HR Management for Line Managers /Non-HR
  • HR Management for Executives
  • Personnel/HR Skills for Secretary & HR Assistant
  • Succession Planning
  • Employment Skills- HR Planning & Recruitment
  • Understanding Manager’s Powers in Managing People Effectively
  • Strategic Manpower Planning
  • How to Select Right Person for the Right Job: A Practical Approach
  • Building and developing talent
  • Competence Based Job Description
  • Measuring HR effectiveness
  • HR and the labour law
  • Compensation & Benefit
  • Principles & Practice of Salary Administration
  • Developing Salary Structure
  • Implementing Flexi Wage – Benefit System – Workshop
  • Assessment, Appraisal and Ranking of Potential
  • Converting Job Description into Measurable Performance Objective/Standard