Training of Trainers (TOT)

• Assess current personal ability to design and deliver training programs.
• Prepare for a training session.
• Conduct a needs and audience analysis to determine the need for training.
• Identify and write clear learning objectives.
• Apply adult learning principles in own training sessions.
• Establish an environment conducive to learning.
• Practice and deliver interactive learning sessions using creative and variety of techniques.
• Practice learner-centered training methods and alternatives to lectures.
• Identify challenges in the classroom, and select and apply the most effective solutions.
• Enhance personal capacity to design effective audio visuals and learning aids and use them successfully in the training.
• Evaluate training using the four evaluation levels.

Program Outlines
Module I: Introduction
• A Trainer’s professional development
• The Training Cycle
• Learning Needs Assessment
• Learning Styles (VAK, 4LS)
• Adult Learning
• Skill Practice Delivery: Icebreakers
Module II: Design
• Applying Adult Learning Principles to Create an Effective Training Program
• Designing Training program
• Lesson planning
• Establishing a Positive Learning Environment
• Facilitating and training delivery
• Delivery Options
• Adapting to the Learning Environment
Module III: Training design and delivery demonstration
• Evaluating training
• Maintain Your Professionalism
• Personal Development Plan